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About:  The symbolism of the Phoenix

The Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth, renewed life, and revitalization.  Its existence is referred to in historic accounts of Egyptian, Greek, Chinese, Biblical history and  that of various other cultures including the Cherokee Nation in the USA. One Christian thought is that the Phoenix was the only creature that did not eat of the apple offered by Eve, thus it continues in the ‘never to die’ original promise of GOD.


The commercial real estate journey of the founder of Bennett-Phoenix LLC has followed the pattern of the Phoenix – joining viable firms whose subsequent ‘closings’ caused her to rebirth, renew and revitalize her commitment to the commercial real estate industry by moving on to awakenings in other commercial real estate firms.


At the beginning of 2015 seeing changes taking place in the specialization area of her affiliated firm Judith decided that it was time to effect the demise of her position as Senior Vice President and reemerge as Broker/Founder of a firm that would expand with the morphing of her former specialization while providing a vehicle for economic growth and development in the commercial real estate community at large.


The firm’s logo symbolizes the expanded wings of the Phoenix flanking the world.


Bennett-Phoenix LLC – Commercial Real Estate - looks forward to providing you client-first service in the commercial real estate market!

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